The best in the business

Senior sales consultant Katrina Bartlett.

Harcourts Berwick, the powerhouse suburban real estate office, is driven at its core by the most brilliant women – women committed to providing an amazing level of service to their clients, whether that be sellers, buyers, landlords and or tenants.

This superb, close-knit team of ladies sincerely make every client, in every interaction, feel wonderfully important and genuinely valued.

The excellent team has a wealth of knowledge, skills, expertise and experience.

The team is led by Vanessa Nicholls, an award winning Senior Property Manager with over 20 years of real estate experience. Vanessa has been an integral member of Harcourts Berwick for over 13 years.

Daniela Eichenberger, Head of Administration is the “Master of everything“ and the go to person in the office. Again a key Harcourts Berwick team member for over 13 years.

Katrina Bartlett is the ‘so much fun’ senior sales consultant with over 15 years of real estate selling experience and long standing Harcourts Berwick team member of some 5 years.

Emily Riko is a portfolio rental manager. Emily began her brilliant career in real estate from scratch with Harcourts Berwick and has progressed and developed wonderfully. Emily has now been with Harcourts Berwick for nearly 7 years.

Last but not least, Chloe Jolly, is the newest member of the team. Since joining Harcourts six months ago, Chloe has taken to property management exceptionally well.

For all your real estate needs make sure you call the lovely women of Harcourts Berwick, the best women in the business.